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Entry #2

Thanks :)

2009-04-21 21:32:18 by M64

Thanks for all your support
I really appreciate it (Sorry for my bad english)
I will continue my 8 Bit Song Series soon
I quite busy, so i dont have much time
But dont worry
If you have a request be sure to let me know
Im usally not here at Newgrounds, so if you have a Deviantart account, you can contact me there too
Again, thanks for your wonderful support
I recently got flash, so probably soon i'll start making flash animations :)
But dont worry i'll still be doing 8 Bit songs XD
Thanks, and see you soon.
BTW, I also have a YouTube account


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2011-05-12 08:03:34

Your 8-bit brawl song is going to be the music for final destination in my game, super smash bros 2D. It is awesome. I gave you a 10/10 reveiw on it. HI!!!